Scam Emails

Fraudulent communications

In common with many other firms, our name and the names of individual lawyers have been used by criminals as part of a scam or fraud. Communications (usually emails) are sent to victims in the name of the firm or individual lawyers. These scams can take different forms. Most commonly, the communications state that the recipient is entitled to receive money from an inheritance or other source. They are fraudulent and if responded to, will lead to a request for funds to be paid to enable the money to be released.

Our business-related emails will only ever be sent from the domain – please always check the “reply to” address to check who you are replying to.

The communications use our identity but will contain incorrect contact information. If you receive a scam email, do not respond to it. If you are not sure whether a communication you have received is legitimate, please contact us at

Please be assured that our email and IT systems are not at risk as a result of these scams.

This firm and our lawyers have no involvement in these scams and do not accept responsibility for any loss that might result from them.