At Ali & Co. we are committed to leveraging our legal expertise and resources to give back to both local and global communities. In addition to partnering up with charitable organisations, organising team volunteer projects, and maintaining a diverse and inclusive work environment, we especially take pride in our commitment to furthering the development of young legal minds and taking on pro bono work relating to social justice matters.

Legal Education

Ali & Co. opens its doors to both undergraduate and graduate students of law. We believe access to high quality learning materials is not only crucial to the development of young legal minds, but is also a critical right that should be granted to every student, which is why our firm offers free use of our library and public case materials to students. In addition to this, our lawyers regularly take on mentees, offering law students career advice, technical legal trainings and more.

Pro Bono

Ali & Co. has a demonstrated history of working on pro bono cases both in Egypt and abroad. As a law firm, it is critical that we use our legal expertise to benefit those in need and as such we regularly take on pro bono work covering a wide range of issues including human rights, discrimination, labour law, human trafficking and women’s rights.